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Published on May 12th, 2014 | by the Flesherton


Municipality Sells Talisman

A group headed by Brian Ellis, of Toronto, expects to renew the now closed Talisman Mountain Resort property and create a hotel/spa resort and convention centre.

In a press release issued late today by the Municipality of Grey Highlands , Ellis is quoted as saying, “This use will make the New Talisman a destination property that will add amenities to serve the local communities and bring clientele into the The Municipality of Grey Highlands region to stay and enjoy the amenities that the resort and surrounding community offers.”

The new Talisman will include updated facilities in a rejuvenated main lodge with its established convention rooms. Also upgraded rooms in the adjoining building where most of the current hotel rooms are located and a first class spa and wellness centre in the current day lodge building.

The release says that the new group want to make Talisman an education and training centre for the hospitality industry, culinary arts and massage training. For example, working with the local agri-industry to showcase local products as part of the destination experience.

The Municipality anticipates that the first phase of the project will result in up to 75 new jobs for Grey Highlands.

“The proposal submitted by Mr. Ellis provides a great development and renewal opportunity that meets the needs of the Municipal Corporation, is supported by initiatives identified through public consultations held by the Task Force, and will stimulate our local economy and bring significant employment opportunities to our Municipality,” Mayor Wayne Fitzgerald says.

The Municipal Council held a closed session meeting before returning to Council open session and resolving to enter into a sale agreement.

Not all of the former Talisman Resort property was sold. The Municipality has retained lands by the lagoon in order to support its municipal infrastructure for the future. And, the Municipality is retaining the parcel of land at the top of the hill for future use considerations and other potential partnerships.

file photo: Municipality of Grey Highlands Council meeting


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